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The Green Room

With mandated carbon calculations now coming from funders such as CMF, Telefilm and their comparables in Europe, along with broadcasters such as CBC, BBC, ITV and Sky UK, your project or co-production will soon require one in the package. 


Understanding the whole production pipeline is key to success in creating an accurate calculation and making a sustainable production. We know this because we’ve done it. We produced the first Canadian film to achieve Albert certification for sustainable production. That award winning film went on to screen in IMAX at Science North on EarthDay. 


Our team has over 20 years experience working in the entertainment industry on both sides of the camera, which gives us a unique perspective. As actors, we come to a production when all the work and planning is done. We see all the amazing things productions are doing and some of the "not so great" things they are doing as well.  As writers, we understand that sustainability starts in the script and how a story can be adjusted so it serves both the characters development along with your environmental goals. As producers, we understand how scheduling and budgeting are the integral parts in making it all come together.  

When you Step Into The Green Room, you gain peace of mind knowing your project is being looked at through a green lens from multiple angles. We work behind the scenes to produce your carbon footprint which allows you to focus on the most important aspect of your project: The image we see on the screen. 

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