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Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager

"Sustainability isn't about creating no carbon.

It's about finding the places you can reduce it

and offsetting for the places you can't." 

                                                - Steve Belford

Our commitment


Nature is one of the biggest influences in our lives.  It's where we go to escape and seek answers. To connect and be inspired.  It's also a place where we bear witness to the effect of our actions. 

 Nowhere is this more present than in the Arctic circle where in the summer of 2020, Canada's last fully intact ice shelf collapsed off the coast of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut. In this territory, where the north bears roam, the effects of climate change are seen first, however, it's a region of the world that far few see. It's a quickly changing landscape that is being lost forever and which will fundamentally change the future of the planet. 

By committing to sustainable production practices and encouraging others to do the same, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and help keep the global temperature from going past the breaking point. 

our Actions

We write our films with sustainability in mind. 

We've been trained in sustainable production practices.

We calculate our productions carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it.  

We create offsetting plans for the carbon we do create.


For consultation services about sustainable production and offsetting please send us a message. 

 For more information on courses and training please visit any of the amazing organizations below. 

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